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The MagneTrainer is backed by a full

1-Year Warranty.

The MagneTrainer-ER™ (Extended Range) is the highest-quality mini exercise bike available. You won't find a better bike for less than $400. If for any reason you decide the MagneTrainer is not for you, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund on the bike.


Why is the MagneTrainer the best?


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Exercise Anywhere


Options for Exercising at Work


Get exercise while,

   Watching Television

   Reading a Book

   Talking on the phone

   At your Desk

   at Home,

   at Work


Exercise anywhere where you're sitting down and your legs are free.


Note About Desk Exercise!

If you are looking for a bike to exercise at your desk, you should consider the DeskCycle. In most cases the DeskCycle will be a better solution. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn more about the DeskCyce.



The MagneTrainer is Bidirectional

The MagneTrainer is designed to be pedaled in the forward and the reverse directions. Therapists often recommend pedaling an equal amount of time in each direction to maintain muscle balance.




Exercise your Arms and Legs

Place the bike on a tabletop and use your hands to tone and strengthen your arms and shoulders.



Excellent for physical therapy.



The MagneTrainer pedals have molded hand grips for comfortable hand pedaling.



Optional Ergo Handles are available for those who require vertical hand orientation.







Patented Adjustable

 Magnetic Resistance


The MagneTrainer uses Magnetic Resistance for smooth quiet pedal motion in both the forward and reverse directions.


Adjust the pedal resistance with the knob on the front of the bike. The multi-turn knob provides precise, gradual control over pedal resistance.


Wider pedal resistance range than any other mini exercise bike. It adjusts from almost nothing to nearly 170 W.

The MagneTrainer has nearly 3 times the resistance adjustment range as any other mini exercise bike.



New! High Quality Pedals

The MagneTrainer now comes stock with high quality pedals. These pedals have ball bearings and heavy duty easy-to-adjust Velcro® straps.


Other pedal exercisers come with cheap pedals with non-adjustable plastic straps.


Our new pedals can handle a much wider range of foot sizes than other mini exercise bikes.



Digital Fitness Display

Displays your,




   and Calories


Runs on a single AA battery (included). Auto-on and auto-shutoff feature for ease-of-use and long battery life.



Optional Accessories


Several accessories have been developed for the MagneTrainer.

These include,

  • Large Foot Pedals: Larger foot area with adjustable Velcro straps.
  • Ergo Handles: Place your hands in a more comfortable position.
  • Quick-Connects: Quickly switch between 2 sets of pedals.
  • Medical Level Foot Pedals: Large foot shaped pedal with ankle and toe straps. For patients who have a difficult time pedaling and keeping feet in pedals.
  • Large Display: Larger numerals and larger viewing area than standard display.
  • Display Stand: Let's you place your display onto your desktop.
  • 22-Inch Adjustable Leg: Raises the far side of bike by 4 inches and provides wider support than standard leg. Recommended for patients who have a difficult time pedaling the bike correctly.


More details on these accessories can be found here.


For Exercising at Work



For those who exercise your legs at your desk, the DeskCycle may be a better solution than the MagneTrainer.


The DeskCycle is a low profile version of the MagneTrainer. It has been optimized for exercising at your desk.


It has the same patented magnetic resistance system as the MagneTrainer. This insures

  • smooth pedal motion,
  • quiet operation,
  • wide resistance range,
  • and long lasting durability.

The advantages of the DeskCycle over the MagneTrainer are the lower profile and wider base.


The maximum pedal height of the DeskCycle is 5  inches shorter than the maximum pedal height of the MagneTrainer. 


The DeskCycle has a 20-inch wide front leg, as compared to the 15-inch wide legs of the MagneTrainer.


The DeskCycle also comes with the larger pedals with adjustable Velcro straps. This is a $20 accessory for the MagneTrainer.



The DeskCycle is the highest rated under desk bike with over 1700 reviews.
See DeskCycle reviews.

More details available at the DeskCycle product pages below.


For a comparison between the MagneTrainer and DeskCycle, click on the link below.

DeskCycle versus MagneTrainer


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"I am immensely pleased with both the build quality and the resistance. This will provide good solid exercise when couch-bound. Great for those of us who don't like to go out in the cold and/or have small apartments."

-T Good


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