Exercising at Work

A Success Story

We supplied 5 bikes to Woman's World Magazine who coordinated a study with Dr James A. Levine, a Mayo Clinic researcher and author of "Move a Little, Lose a lot".


Lisa Daily, an author, columnist and TV Dating Expert, participated in his study using our MagneTrainer.


The following is a quote from Lisa, which is also in Dr Levines book mentioned above.


"I used my portable cycle for two hours a day while working on my computer and sometimes while watching TV in the evening with my husband. I set the resistance pretty low so it was easy to pedal and I definitely didn't break a sweat, and still lost five pounds the first week and four pounds the week after that--more than a size in two weeks!


It was unbelievable. I had been trying exercise to lose weight forever. I even hired a trainer three times a week. The big difference was being able to do it while typing or talking on the phone. 


It was so easy, I would forget I was doing it. What also surprised me was how much more focused I was while I was working. As a writer, I spend long days in front of the computer, and it gets tiring. I often get up and take snack breaks or drink a lot of caffeine to stay alert, especially in the afternoon.


When I was busy moving my body, my brain worked better! I didn't feel the need to get up and get a snack. I worked more effectively for longer stretches. And I didn’t have that 3 o'clock drop; my energy was even all day long.

I love it!


Using the MagneTrainer At Work

Use it while

Using the MagneTrainer While Typing

Many people use the MagneTrainer for activities other than typing.


For those who want to type while using the MagneTrainer, you will need to insure there is enough clearance between your knees and the bottom of the desk (or keyboard/laptop tray).


Do I have enough clearance to use the bike while typing?


Measure the distance from the bottom of your foot to the top of your knee. Then add 16 inches to that distance. This is the minimum clearance needed to use the bike as shown in the picture below.


For most people this will be between 34 and 36 inches.


If you don't have this clearance, don't worry, there are many options available. Scroll down to see some of them.




New Low-Profile DeskCycle

The pedal height of the DeskCycle is 5 inches shorter than the MagneTrainer.  It is the lowest profile magnetic bike available. It could be used under a 27 inch tall desk (measured between the floor and underneath side of the desk) by a person who is 5'10" or shorter. At 5' 10" you will need to push the bike further away from you and extend your legs to prevent your knees from hitting the underneath side of the desk. You may also need to lower your chair. Taller people will need a taller desk.


It has the same high quality components and patented resistance mechanism as the MagneTrainer.

Learn More

Display Stand for your Desk

Place your display on your desktop with this display stand.

Includes the sturdy steel stand and a 10 foot extension cable.

Works with the display that comes with the MagneTrainer and DeskCycle.

Optional Ergonomic Furniture

Below are some options for those who don't already have taller desks. Click on the link below each picture to go to the website that sells that particular product. For the most part, the products are listed from the lowest to the highest price.



The cheapest solution was recommended by one of our customers on Amazon. It's the desk below from Wal-Mart.


Adjustable Desk at Wal-Mart ($51.90)




Drafting Stool at Wal-Mart for $69

Drafting Stool at Wal-Mart For $79






Note, you will want to tilt the tray upward unless your chair is tall.

Mobo KeyBoard Tray ($80)



Laptop mount on height-adjustable arm




3M Adjustable Desk Monitor/Laptop Arm




Manually  Adjustable Desk Frame




Electrically Adjustable Table Desk Frame




Ergo Depot Heavy Duty Adjustable Height Desk



Taller Chair

If your chair isn't tall enough, search on Amazon for a

"Drafting Chair". Pay attention to their seat height ranges.


Drafting Stool with Arms


What if I don't want to purchase additional equipment?

You can still use it while


Just 30 minutes a day of regular physical activity can bring definite health benefits, by reducing the risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other ailments. That was the gist of Physical Activity and Health, a report from the office of the U.S. Surgeon General.


Two VERY important tips!
  1. Pedal the bike downward. This will keep the bike in place when using it.

  2. The bike has hospital grade Dycem Rubber Pads on the front two feet to keep the bike in place. Clean these periodically with soap and water. Dirt and dust will reduce their traction.


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"I am immensely pleased with both the build quality and the resistance. This will provide good solid exercise when couch-bound. Great for those of us who don't like to go out in the cold and/or have small apartments."

-T Good


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