Frequently Asked Questions

The MagneTrainer slides forward when I use it. What can I do?

Answer: You need to pedal downward. Click here for details.


Can I use the MagneTrainer at my desk?

Answer: The MagneTrainer is only reccomended for use with taller desks. The best bike for exercising while working at your desk is the DeskCycle, because of its low profile. Click here to learn more.


Is the MagneTrainer Recommended for Physical Therapy?

Answer: Yes. The smooth pedal motion and stable base make it the bike of choice for many physical therapists. When using the bike for physical therapy, make sure you consult your therapist for a list of exercises.


Can you pedal the MagneTrainer backwards?

Answer: Yes, the MagneTrainer was designed to be used in both directions. This is often required in physical therapy. The resistance and smooth pedal motion is the same in both directions.


How do I know what RPM I am pedaling at?

Answer: Multiply the pedal speed on the display times 4 to get the RPM. For example, 15 MPH times 4 is 60 RPM. If you know the RPM that you want to pedal at, just divide it by 4 to get the target speed on the display.  For example, 80 RPM divided by 4 is 20 MPH.


Is there any maintenance necessary, such as lubricants?

Answer: No adjustments or lubrication is needed. The MagneTrainer should provide years of maintenance free use.


Do I need the ergo handles to use the MagneTrainer with my arms?

Answer: The pedals that come standard with the MagneTrainer work with your hands and feet. However, the ergo handles place your hands in a more natural position. This is most often preferred by physical therapists. When using the MagneTrainer for shoulder therapy or as an arm bike, it's best to use the ergo handles.


Does it take long to assemble the bike?

Answer: The bike comes pretty much assembled. You need to install the pedals and the legs. Then slide the display onto its bracket. Assembly usually takes about 10 minutes.


The Dycem Pads slide off when I use the bike. Is there something wrong with them?

Answer: No. You are pedaling the bike forward. This is not correct. Pedaling forward will cause the pads to shear off. You need to pedal the bike downward.

Learn how to pedal downward here.




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"I am immensely pleased with both the build quality and the resistance. This will provide good solid exercise when couch-bound. Great for those of us who don't like to go out in the cold and/or have small apartments."

-T Good


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