"This is the best mini bike you can get in my opinion. Its sturdy, has good resistance and feels natural when you pedal like a real bike."  Benjamin J.


I LOVE your cycle, and in fact I NEED it. I am an English professor with endless papers to grade, research to do, etc., and I concentrate better when I am moving, just like some fidgety kids do. Sometimes I wonder how I got my PhD without the MagneTrainer! It is also great to be able to maintain some fitness when I am too busy for my usual tennis, and the muscles you can work with the MagneTrainer are important ones for cross-country and downhill skiing, too.

Elizabeth S.


I did a considerable amount of research prior to purchasing a stationary bike for my wife, who has undergone knee surgery. I purchased the MagneTrainer Professional Exerciser. It arrived today (fast shipment), and I assembled it (five minutes). I am extremely impressed by the quality of your product! It was packaged well, obviously manufactured with heavy-duty materials, and very easy to assemble. Even the "throw-away" tool supplied was superior to those included in other products. I have never taken the time and effort to provide positive feedback before, but I am so impressed with this product, I just wanted to tell you not to change anything! M Rice


Great buy! Perfect for my needs. I have COPD and need this to workout on my arm strength. I have been using one at the Pulmonary Rehab Center. This one works every bit as well as the $1,200 model at rehab. And now that I have this and my treadmill and bike - I've quit going to rehab and workout at home. My schedule and no driving. Saves me money and time. I would recommend this item highly. R. Foster


No worries, no hassles, no delays, great exercise machine. Therapy says that I can not use it with my legs yet, but what a workout you get just with your arms. I have the machine on a table. My therapist has one and recommended that I get a Magnetrainer. Very smooth and quiet; and very stable with the wide legs. S. Christner


I purchased a MagneTrainer for my 87-year-old mother, who was recently treated for a debilitating varicose vein. Her doctor told her to "walk, walk, walk" to hasten her recovery and to avoid similar damage to her other veins. Needless to say, that advice isn't practical for an elderly lady, especially in the wintertime. The MagneTrainer has proven to be a remarkably therapeutic alternative to "hoofing it"--and something she actually enjoys using while reading her newspaper every morning . She's also developing a regular exercise habit that should serve her well in the months and years ahead. Had the MagneTrainer been noisy, awkward, uncomfortable or difficult to use (as are so many other mini-cycles), Mom would have abandoned it after its first use. The MagneTrainer is now on my own wish list.

K. Smith


Item was well packaged and promptly delivered. The Magnetrainer has exceeded my expectations. It is sturdy, quiet and I found it simple to assemble. While I use it for my upper body alone, I am more than satisfied and would surely recommend it to anyone who is searching for a small machine that is very stable. S. Tevorrow


Can't say enough about this little stress-buster. I'm a working mom with 2 toddlers at home and a stressful 50+ hour work-week and just don't have time for the gym. I found this is a great way to burn some calories and stress and get a good cardio workout while I'm parked at my desk at work. It took a little maneuvering to get comfortable - I would not recommend using a chair with wheels or rotating seat and you'll need to give yourself some clearance from the desk because your legs won't clear the desktop. I also have to put a small fan on so I don't get too hot. It's amazingly quiet, has a strap you attach to your chair to keep it in place, and has a great display setting (calories, distance, time, speed) that keeps track until you reset it. I'm sorry I waited so long to get this! Coriebu


After thoroughly researching the field with the diligence I learned as an aircraft engine design engineer, I concluded that the MagneTrainer is the best made, designed and constructed small exercising machine, at a very reasonable price, on the market. Now that I have received my machine and used it, I am convinced that I had done a good job of comparing every machine that I could uncover by an extensive search and strongly recommend the unit to anyone interested in a versatile exerciser that is well made, compact and efficient. I have yet to see how durable it will prove to be but, based on what I could see without a complete disassembly and analysis, the design and materials look great! It was an outstanding value and living proof that shopping on the web can extremely effective if one has the patience and perseverance required to do a thorough job.

Charles Jones


I just wanted to say how much I am loving my Magnetrainer! I have had it for two weeks, and have been steadily cycling about 40 miles a day under my desk at work! It has been wonderful! It is the quietest machine, no one hears it or knows I’m using it! I love that the display does not reset unless I press the button, so I can bicycle on and off all day, and then look at my total at the end of the day! On thing to note is, the timer only goes up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, and after that, its starts over. However, the calories and distance continue counting. This isn’t a problem at all for me. Based on my distance, I quickly know if the machine shows 20 minutes, I quickly know if I actually went 120 minutes or 220 minutes. For example, right now it shows 41.3 miles, 1515 calories, and 30.27 minutes….but I actually know its 230.27 minutes, because that’s what I average after a full day. I would recommend this product to anyone! I love it, my employees are all going to buy one, I am sleeping better at night, my legs are feeling more toned, and I think it has given me more energy at work! Thank you for making such a fine product!

Beth B


I am writing you to tell you that I am so glad that I chose the MagneTrainer. I worried that all those testimonials might not represent the product but they truly do. I've been using the bike everyday going ten miles with my legs and five with my arms. I voiced my concerns about purchasing the bike since I am confined to a wheelchair and one of my legs is not mobile, however, I have had no problems with the pedals and the Velcro straps. also, I thought I would need my sons help in putting it together but I'm happy to say that this senior was able to put it easily together. I highly recommend this cycle bike to all. It is so quiet that I am able to use it as we all watch TV. I give this 5 stars easily! sincerely, Linda Sowden


I purchased this so that I could "cycle" at work. I have a very sedentary desk job and needed something that could increase my heart rate and help with circulation and begin to change my metabolism. It is very sturdy and quiet and when applying the magnetic tension it has the potential to get the heart rate up. I would recommend it to anyone! L. Tobias

If you spend any amount of time in front of a computer or TV, you should probably buy one of these. I purchased mine last week, and made a personal rule that if I want to play video games I have to be on it the entire time. Only a week later I feel healthier, happier, skinnier, and if I keep it up for the rest of my life I'm sure that I will live longer because of it! My favorite thing about the magnetrainer is that I now feel productive even when I'm doing a stationary, time-wasting thing like playing video games. Other than making me sweaty, it's easy to forget that I'm working out and play for hours. It also doesn't adversely effect my gaming experience, even playing competitive reaction based games like Modern Warfare 2, MAG, and Bad Company 2. I don't usually write reviews, but I can't possibly make a stronger recommendation for a product because this one actually has the potential to change lives. My wife has sort of commandeered it for the past couple days (to use while watching TV), so I might have to buy another one... Everything else you need to know has been said in other reviews - it's small, sturdy, quiet, has adjustable resistance. It doesn't move at all on my laminate flooring, even without the included velcro strap. This thing should legally required for all couch potatoes. On another note, I had to contact customer support with a shipping question which they resolved instantly, so they also get five stars in that category.

Jared Jones (at Amazon.com)


"I just wanted to let you know that I received my MagneTrainer about three weeks ago, and I am really enjoying it. I put it under my desk at work and now I can cycle all day and burn calories instead of just sitting there like a lump while typing. On a good day I can do about 40 miles, and so far I have lost ten pounds (this is in combination with a diet change as well). Excellent quality product, and very quiet. Several other people around the office are thinking of getting their own now!" B. Penman


Very pleased with the Magnetrainer. The machine is somewhat heavy for me (elderly woman), but once situated, is simply wonderful. It is very quiet, which means I can watch my favorite programs with practically no noise from the device. It is easy to use and has a very user-friendly adjustment knob. The variable adjustment offers a range of resistance, that more than meets my needs and expectations. Highly recommended! (at Active Forever)


Bought this bike to use under my desk while reading at work. I needed to regain strength in my quads following a knee injury. My colleague recommended the bike, having own the previous version for about 10 years. This one is much improved: better stability, more resistance and smoother operation. So far, I have no complaints. by Mike from NYC (at Allegro Medical)



"Thanks Lori. I received the item today. Everything working fine. This the best exercise equipment I ever bought. Kudos to whichever engineer who designed." T. Verghese


"The MagneTrainer ER is superior to two different competitive mini exercycles used at a local physical therapy department---both are lighter weight, not so wide-spread and steady, one has (irregular) belt resistance and the other (magnetic) is quite a bit more expensive than yours. It's great little machine that will get a lot of use."

B. Amos


"Just wanted to let you know that my husband loves his new MagneTrainer. You should see him go-go-go all evening on it while he's watching TV. It's such a great way to combat the 'couch-potatoes'. Thanks so much for your well-made product." Janine


We're very pleased with our MagneTrainer, more than we expected to be. For starters, it looks higher quality in person than in the pic. It took 5 minutes to assemble, but the best part is how it feels when you use it. It's smooth regardless of the tension, as nice as any bike I've used at the gym. While it's a little high off the floor for me - I'm 5' 3" - I easily found various positions to use it in, and my husband, who's 6' 7", has no problems with it, either. We've bought several full-sized and mini exercise bikes over the years, and I'm not exaggerating at all when I say this is by far the smoothest and nicest to use. It's also the stablest. The display when you're using the MagneTrainer shows speed, time and all that good stuff, and is easy to read as you pedal. If you're looking for a small, high-quality exercise bike, the MagneTrainer is the way to go!" Spork

(on Amazon.com)


"I bought this product to use as an arm ergometer. It it excellent for this purpose. I have recently gone through cardiac rehab where I used one and this is as good as the one I used there which cost hundreds of dollars more. I have not used it as a bike which is its primary purpose so have no idea how it works for that." H Chaney



"It's exactly what I needed to exercise after my total knee replacement. Works great! I definitely recommend it." J Morgan


"I purchased the MagneTrainer about a month ago, with the onset of winter my walking days with my dog are over for a while. I didn't want to lose the strength in my legs as I sit behind a desk all day. After searching the web for a month reading countless negative reviews on various products I tripped onto your site. Very much interested in your product I did a search for reviews, I couldn't find one negative review on your MagneTrainer. The biggest thing for me is quiet and work horse strong, your provides both. I don't have a lot of money but I will pay a decent price for something as long as its made well. Im tired of paying for inferior products that last only months. The MagneTrainer is made work horse strong, and quiet. I absolutely love my MagneTrainer, I zip through 20 minutes without even knowing it. I will read, watch TV, or lift hand weights while working out on this thing. Yeah, its not crazy cardiovascular but for someone who sits behind a desk all day its terrific! You can practically lay down while cycling on this. I mean if someone cant devote a mere 20 mins or even 10 mins. a day on your MagneTrainer than they are quit possibly the laziest person in the world. If you are just sitting there watching TV, you can pump out 20 min like slicing through butter. There were a couple of other sites I found that sold your product but wanted like $22 or more shipping, you charged only $10 to ship from Arizona to Pa.! How cool is that! I would recommend your product to anyone and everyone and would recommend they buy it directly from your site as I did! Please use my email as a testimonial to a fantastic product, made work horse strong and is quiet! Thank you very much!" MA Cirelli


"Prompt Delivery, easy assembly (67 yr old woman) and I love this spinner. Already doing 10 miles per day with arthritic joints. Sit in front of computer playing games and by the time I'm through, I've clocked 10 MILES! Would never have believed it. " C. Thompson


"Works Great. You can make use when U see TV, playing video games, etc. Good Quality and Excellent Size. " S Salinas


“Great little piece of equipment, I love my new bike! “ Staci B.


"I have had the Magnetrainer for almost a year and I'm very impressed with it. It's quiet, sturdy, portable, and provides very smooth operation. It's very comfortable with most chairs and couches, although I don't like using it with chairs that swivel. I prefer to use it for low intensity workouts for longer periods of time (sometimes 2-4 hours a day) and when I'm focused on something like watching a movie I barely notice that I'm using it. Its fun to use it while playing most console and PC games, the only issue that I sometimes have is pedaling seems to throw off my accuracy with first person shooter games. It's great using the bike while on my PC; however, the only problem with using it with a computer desk is that most desks don't provide enough clearance for your legs when pedaling. To fix that problem I removed my desks built-in keyboard tray and replaced it with a Waterloo adjustable keyboard/mouse tray so I can raise the height when needed to allow for enough space for my legs." JRL


"I am very satisfied with the cycle, get a good work-out. I had bilateral knee replacements this summer and the cycle is really helping with mobility." J. McFarland


“I bought the MagneTrainer last week. It arrived on August 2nd. I used it for an hour on the 2nd and an hour on the 3rd. I love it. I had been using a much inferior type of compact floor fitness bike for a while. I prefer the MagneTrainer. It has a smoother feel to it and I can tell I am getting a much better workout.” A. Conrads


"I debated buying this because it is a bit expensive but now I'm glad I did. Magnetic resistance makes all the difference. I had a similar pedal set before but with a friction drag flywheel. It was noisy with choppy jerky motion and I wore it out in about a year. This one is smooth as silk and dead quiet- no gear grinding or whirring sounds. Very nice. Seems very well made and sturdy so hopefully it will last a good while. " Dave - Las Vegas, NV


"This bike is great! I've read all of the reviews on the various mini bikes available. The reviews for the MagneTrainer ER Mini Exercise Bike convinced me that this was the bike to purchase. I have knee and hip problems and the full size bikes would cause me difficulties getting on and off. With this bike I can slide a stool up to the bike at the distance that is most comfortable for me. I'm in a wheelchair but with some mobility. I'm able to roll up to the stool and get on and have a work-out. The bike is quiet and the resistance is very easy to adjust. I wear rubber soled shoes and I'm able to use the foot pedals with out using the strap. Some reviews mention that the bike will slide around on the floor. I put the bike on a rubber shower mat and then against a wall. This worked great. I ordered the bike on a Monday and it was delivered to my door on Wednesday. The bike was easy to unpack. It only took about ten minutes to assemble, the instructions were very clear. There were only about five things to install on the bike. It is great quality for the price. I would definitely recommend this bike to a friend. " Michael W.


"After reading customer feedback on this mini-bike I ordered one and absolutely love it. Doesn't take up too much space and is a joy to use. My brother saw it and ordered one for himself. Both of us highly recommend the MagneTrainer to anyone interested in an exercise bike." J. Fink


"My wife really loves this exercise bike, she can sit in her chair and exercise her legs. It appears to be well built and was promptly delivered. " J Stilwell


"i was originally going to get one of those $20 models, but reading the reviews cured me of that. after that it was between getting a cheaper version or this one. i am so very glad i spent the extra money. you can barely hear the unit as you pedal along. all you need is enough clearance for your knees and you will start pedaling throughout the day. i even like it better than my gazelle walker and that is saying a lot. i was worried about the amount of tension that i could get from the MagneTrainer but it appears to give me exactly the amount of tension i want. I am sure for people who are cyclists full time find it to have less tension than they want, but for a couch potato like me, i get quite a workout. i expect that this unit will help me get back into some shape other than "round".
for those that pedal hard enough to make it slide away even on carpet, the manufacturer offers to send you a free set of straps that you can attach to the legs of your chair. i opted for the straps and find them VERY effective in keeping the bike right where i want it.
Update: i've started using my unit on a regular basis, 3 times a week, and already my blood pressure is back to normal, and my heart has stopped threatening to go AWOL. " Angel R.


"I purchased this bike to help me during recovery from ACL (knee reconstruction) surgery. I knew within the first 5 minutes that I had made the right decision. The machine is obviously of good quality. It glides smoothly whether pedaling in forward or reverse, and it makes almost NO noise whatsoever. It appears sturdy and stable. Assembly was a breeze. The digital display is large enough to be easily read without having to lean forward and squint. You can track your stats cumulatively over a day/week, etc, or reset it to zero each time you use it. I put this machine in front of the couch, shove a pillow behind my back, and I'm off. It comes with a Velcro strap to secure it to a chair leg, but I just put it on top of a rubberized bathroom mat and it doesn't slide at all. I haven't cranked up the resistance yet, but even at zero I can tell it is going to be very helpful in keeping my knee mobile.
If you're looking for a heart-pounding, thigh-burning Tour-De-France type workout, this is probably not what you want. (Well, I don't know for sure, since I haven't upped the resistance yet). If you're looking for a gentle, no-impact way to keep your muscles and joints moving, then I highly recommend this product.
I know this isn't the cheapest mini-bike out there, but if you prefer quality then this is the right choice. I suspect this bike will still be humming along after the cheaper models have rusted and seized."

N Fayman.

"This is the best purchase that I have made in a long time.
I have done my research before I decided to try this bike, and I am glad that I did. The size is perfect to leave out and not to big to be a clothes tree. I love that I can leave it out to be a great reminder. " Sandra H.

"I recently purchased a MagneTrainer 'High Resistance'. The build quality is outstanding and its small design is not only space saving but ideal for taking it wherever I need to go! It is light-weight enough to pick up and carry from room to room inside my home (something I cannot to with the large, LOUD, and inconvenient treadmill that my parents gave to me a few years ago), put it in the car and take to work with me, and I plan to make sure to bring it on any and all future vacations! Another benefit this MagneTrainer has provided me is almost complete silence! In the past, I would try and get my cardiovascular exercise while watching TV but because my treadmill is so loud (mostly my feet landing on the belt) I would have to turn the volume all the way up and disturb everyone else around me! With the MagneTrainer - I can listen to my favorite TV episodes at a low volume with no trouble at all! Although I am 23 years old and in great shape - the high resistance on the MagneTrainer has proven to give me a great workout! I highly recommend the MagneTrainer!"

Stephen V."


"My grandparents came to visit over the holidays and they liked using it on the table for their arms. My grandfather recently lost a leg due to illness and he is having to work very hard to maintain his upper body strength. He used it at my house over the holidays and has now purchased one for himself. It is really helping him." L. Dailey

"I was slightly skeptical of this idea initially, but have to say that having assembled my MagneTrainer, I am immensely pleased with both the build quality and the resistance. This will provide good solid exercise when couch-bound. Great for those of us who don't like to go out in the cold and/or have small apartments."  T Good


"Rides extremely smooth - it glides and is great therapy after a knee arthroscopy, also! Another person commented (also at this web site which sold me on this product) that it worked well if the mini bike is placed against a sturdy wall, or whatever you'd use; I use the bottom stair step. Then place the workout mat under the chair you'll use and that way you won't slip and slide. It's like the real thing. That person was exactly right. Thank you so much." Sandra G


"I bought this as a Christmas gift for someone else, but I got to try it out a bit after Christmas. It seems quite sturdy and well designed. It is VERY quiet, almost inaudible even in a quiet room." D Anderson


"MagneTrainer came right on schedule, build quality + resistance is excellent. All my coworkers want one now!" Travis G.


"Purchased bike for rehab of 87 year old mother after her fall, and it works well. It's heavier than other mini bikes, but still may need to be anchored with enclosed velcro strap or a heavy object. The home health PT liked it so much, she purchased one to take with her to her other clients. It's quiet and made very well.
If you are an avid biker and you're looking to keep in shape, this may be what you need; but for rehab, it's great! " SM Petty


"Understandable instructions and easy to put together. The exerciser is a pleasure to work with as it is comfortable and operates very smoothly. The various degrees of difficulty/resistance gives the operator enough choices where the unit can be shared and used by individuals who wish to achieve different workout levels. We are pleased with our purchase and do recommend it." Helen


"I wanted a recumbent exercise bike but dreaded the gigantic and heavy box, the assembly, having to move the behemoth in the case of relocating, and just the room it would take up in my home. Then I was sitting in my favorite floor chair Multi Angle Floor Cushion - (Natural) and it hit me that maybe this type of compact portable exercise bike might work well with it. I choose the Magnetrainer based on its features and positive reviews. Happily the combination of the two items has proved to be a perfect match. The Magnetrainer is of high quality and comes (in my case via FedEx) in a super sturdy carton that provides complete protection. Easy as pie to assemble, all you need do is to attach the pedals, insert the front support and tighten a thumb screw, install (included) batteries in the monitor, plug in its cable, and slide it on to its support. I love that the monitor does not re-set itself until you press and hold the red function button. This way I can get on and off the bike throughout the day and reach my goal of at least one hour without having to remember how many minutes I have already put in on it. The cranks are quality three-piece type and they have a soft closed-cell foam sleeve on them to protect your ankles. Cranks are about six inches in length. The bike is very quiet, almost silent. Because I use it from such a low and reclining position I have placed the bike against a wall so that it does not slide forward. I'm sure if I were to use it from a normal chair height, pressing down instead of forward on the pedals, it would stay put. I am so pleased to have found such success using these two great products together. I saved a bunch of money and space too!" B. Davis


"MagneTrainer is a nice piece. Thanks" Mark H.


"My purchase arrived in perfect condition and I am enjoying using the mini cycle daily." Jennifer B.


"I bought this to help maintain some leg flexibility due to health issues. My hubby, the avid bicycle rider is impressed with it. He uses it on days when he can't go outside for a 40 mile ride. He prefers to use this instead of his full size trainer especially on days he is saving his upper body for weight lifting. Go figure? We have had lots of exercise and weight lifting equipment over the last 35 years. The thing I always hated most was the constant adjustments I had to make since we were both using the same equipment. I groaned when I found him using this one and just knew it was going to be a problem too. Amazing, it was so simple to adjust back for me. I just pulled it forward 8", turned the knob to weakling level and started pedaling. We put it in front of the sofa. We have not had a problem with it moving. This simple device helps me maintain some motion/flexibility in my legs, warms my feet, improves my circulation and helps move the water out of my legs. Best of all it is cheaper than PT or a gym and I don't have to get out of my pajamas. "  Jessica K


"Fast service; nice machine"  rjack135


"This is great! It seems very well-made and solid. It really does have excellent maximum resistance. It is very relaxing to ride the bike slowly under my desk while working. You can also use it for racing video games !! " Julie M


"Very sturdy, very reliable and the fact that you can adjust the tension makes it well worth while. Highly recommended for someone with limited mobility or in a small apartment." Judy S.


"My purchase arrived in perfect condition and I am enjoying using the mini cycle daily." Jennifer B.


"I am incapacitated right now, so can't do my usual vigorous exercises of mountain climbing and hiking, so really needed something that would permit cardio-vascular workouts. Your machine, used with my hands, is exactly what I need. I had a small exercise bike like this a few years ago and it was close to useless, so I spent some time online trying to find a better model. Most had inferior resistance mechanisms, from the reviewers I read. Eventually, I found your MagneTrainer sold by GameCycles which arrived today. This is an excellent, sturdy and well-built piece of equipment, and I am very pleased with it. The resistance mechanism works very well, with a much wider range than I had expected, and I am surprised and pleased at how quiet it is. Very well packed in a surprisingly compact box, and assembled in minutes."  G Orton.


"Very sturdy, very reliable and the fact that you can adjust the tension makes it well worth while. Highly recommended for someone with limited mobility or in a small apartment." J Snyder


"Purchased this for my hubby's 68th birthday. He usually does a 4-5 mile walk outdoors every day. The summer in Vegas is just too warm for him now, so he didn't walk as often. Now with winter approaching, he won't walk outdoors. Saw this mini bike and thought it would be perfect. Well, he absolutely loves it. Finally a gift he loves! Uses this mini bike every morning. Its compact enough to move anywhere he likes and the best is its easy to use. Thanks to all who previously bought and reviewed this item, it helped with my decision." Geraldine C


"Easy to use but provides a good workout for your legs. Stores easily under a bed or in a closet." S. Hotham


"I recently purchased a Genuine Magnetrainer ER (Extended Range) Mini Exercise Bike for home use. My mechanical skills are nil but I could easily follow the directions and put the trainer together within minutes. The dial to set pressure works well and the trainer can be used with a chair, sofa etc. Very comfortable to use! The readout for time, mileage, speed and calories burned is quick incentive to keep going and to set goals. I am very pleased with this purchase and recommend it highly to others looking for an exerciser that does not take up a lot of room and can get the job done!" L. Lady


"I was diagnosed with MS in 1992. The type I have is chronic and I am slowly losing the use of my legs. When I started using my MagneTrainer, I was only able to use it for 1 1/2 minutes. Last night was my seventh time using it. I had to force myself to quit after 12 minutes." LeeAnne L.


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"I am immensely pleased with both the build quality and the resistance. This will provide good solid exercise when couch-bound. Great for those of us who don't like to go out in the cold and/or have small apartments."

-T Good


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